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The Greatest Beer Run Ever

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

6/10 IMDB

2h 6m Runtime

2022 Year

September 30, 2022 (United States)

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I saw this movie tonight, without having any idea what I was going to see as a part of a mystery movie screening. The movie even has a cold opening, no title no a tors nothing, so I was sitting through the whole thing until I found out what it's called. I had never heard that this movie existed, what it was about or seen a glimpse of a trailer. This is not a movie that can be marketed, and is likely going to bomb at the box office.Which is a real pity, as this is one if the more effective anti war movies I have seen, and I'm familiar with most of the usual suspects in that genre. It's not going for the big heroic moments, it's showing what a bloody stupid idea war is, having the Vietnam war as a stand-in for all wars. That doesn't mean there are even more stupid ideas, like Chickie's beer run, and believe me when I say Zac Efron is entirely vanishing in that character. I expect him and Russel Crowe to see nominations next award season for their work here, but while Crowe is chewing every scene he is in, Efron gives a much more subtle performance. Showing more with his expressions than words, how he changes as the movie progresses.In a time of big franchises, CGI extravaganzas and super heroes, it sounds odd to say this was a breath of fresh air. There is humor in the movie, but it doesn't subvert the message, I just hope more people are going to see this movie, and talk about this movie, making filmmakers aware that good storytelling is still in demand.

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