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Meet Cute

Meet Cute

4/10 IMDB

1h 29m Runtime

2022 Year

September 21, 2022 (United States)

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These two people should NOT be allowed to be actor's.Who ever suggested these two EVER to suggest them to act they should have NOT.They both are the worst people in movies and anything that they have ever been in has been the most horrible TV shows or even movies, these two can NOT act at all.And the people they pick to get married to or almost get married to have been the worse people as well.These two deserve to be together and never make moves ever again.This movie just do not spend the time or waste your time watching it, it's NOT worth a penny.Who ever thought that these two would be good in a movie together should be never allowed to make a movie again as well.Worst movie ever, and even worse acting but that's what you get with people who really can NOT act.

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