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Raise a Glass to Love

Raise a Glass to Love

7/10 IMDB

1h 24m Runtime

2021 Year

September 18, 2021 (United States)

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Will admit to not being particularly crazy on the 2021 Fall Harvest Hallmark films. There have been some good Fall Harvest films over the years from Hallmark, but this has got to be the only year where nearly all of them did little for me somehow. Have said more than once about 2021 being inconsistent for Hallmark, but was still pleasantly surprised at how better than anticipated it was. Was expecting it to be a terrible year somehow, but there were some very good films still.'Raise a Glass to Love' is one of those very good films, not high art but it succeeds very well at its aims (namely light hearted, inoffensive entertainment) and is very well done when taking it for what it is. This reviewer also takes back what was said regarding 'Love Strikes Twice' being the only 2021 Fall Harvest film worth watching elsewhere, 'Raise a Glass to Love' after watching is every bit as good and just loses that slight edge due to it not being as creative as that film.It's not quite flawless. It does start off a little on the slow side.Did think too that the ending was a bit too neat, which is not an uncommon problem for Hallmark and one of the biggest recurring problems in the 2021 batch.However, it is a very attractively photographed film with lovely scenery. Also pleasant is the music, which has presence without coming over as over-bearing or too constant. The direction shows a good deal of confidence and a sense that they knew what they were doing and trying to achieve. The script flows well and is light hearted and nostalgic, shining particularly in the hilarious and affectionate past references and the lead banter.The story has a lot of heart and charm, and has a nice liveliness too. Really appreciated that the conflicts were a lot more relatable and true to life than most Hallmark films, with the final decision being a lot more buyable than most Hallmark films from 2021. Laura Osnes is immensely charming and has a lot of sparkling personality. She is matched very well by Juan Pablo Di Pace and they have an endearing and natural chemistry together. The supporting cast are solid and the characters worth caring for.On the whole, very nicely done. 8/10.

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