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Under Wraps 2

Under Wraps 2

6/10 IMDB

1h 23m Runtime

2022 Year

October 7, 2022 (Singapore)

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As a horror film enthusiast, I must admit, I fancy a well-executed spooky comedy. If you are anything like me, Under Wraps 2 is a film to watch. This film really gives viewers just the right balance of Halloween fright, mummy madness, gut-busting humor, and friendship feels. If eerie films, impromptu dance scenes and happy endings are your thing, don't deprive yourself of watching this scary, family-friendly fun film.Chaperoned by a kooky and delightful friend, Buzzy (Melanie Brook), best friends Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon) and Amy (Sophia Hammons) prepare to attend the Halloween-inspired wedding of Amy's father (Carl Knowlton) and his adoring fiance (Anotion Cayonne). Marshall, Gilbert and Amy are soon met with unexpected chaos when they crack a mystery museum burglary. The mystery reveals that their best mummy friend, Harold (Phil Wright) and his doting mummy bride Rose (Rryla McIntosh) are in grave danger. A spine-chilling, evil mummy named Sobek (T. J. Storm) has been accidentally resurrected, by a naive museum guard, Larry (Jordan Conley). Sobek wants nothing more than to destroy Harold and run away with Rose and, with the help of a hypnotized Larry, he might just get away with it.The director's creative genius can be witnessed from the beginning of this spooktacular production all the way through to the end. Director Alex Zamm really knows how to hook viewers in; his comedic timing with characters such as Larry and Beuller, the jeweler (Adam Wiley), give the film a light-hearted element. There are several times throughout the film that Zamm adds unanticipated twists which fit perfectly. For example, there is a scene when Harold and Rose order an astronomical amount of room service and then, end up in a synchronized dance battle at the town's Halloween fair. I will forever be a fan of Alex Zamm's ability to make scary films fun to watch. My favorite scene in Under Wraps 2 is the mummy dance scene. As a close second, there is a scene where a party of people experience a messy chocolate fountain mishap -- that is hilarious.Subtly, diversity and inclusion are cleverly wrapped in the fiber of this film, which is overflowing with empowering messages. Under Wraps 2 reminds us of the power of friendship as these besties show us how real friends will go to any length to help one another, even when it means facing your deepest fears. It also reminds us that "love is love" and to never judge others, simply because they are different. You should be aware that there is an LGBTQ+ marriage and same-sex kissing scene.Under Wraps 2 gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 5 to 16, plus adults. This is a family fun movie that everyone can enjoy. Under Wraps 2 released on Disney Channel September 25 and will be released on Disney+ September 30, 2002.By Hanadie K., KIDS FIRST!

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