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The Perfect Girl

The Perfect Girl

6/10 IMDB

1h 35min Runtime

2017 Year

28 April 2017 (Taiwan)

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Yeh Xin is a beautiful girl who focuses in criminal psychology research. One day, Xin's father flies to the USA for a month for a medical seminar. Their mansion is being renovated due to serious leakage. Surprisingly, several human bones and parts are dug out from the garden - While the investigation going, Xin accidentally finds hundreds of letters written by a girl named Bugzy, in her boyfriend's study room. Suspecting being cheated and being jealous; Xin begins to read the letters. She then discovers that other than Zhihuan, two other girls are also accidentally died because of Xin's boyfriend. Was it all murder? Who will survive and what will be left at the end?

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